Our Story


There is as much as 55g of sugar in some major brands of chocolate. This equates to 11 teaspoons of sugar!! Shocking we know. The daily allowance of sugar is just 6 – 9 teaspoons, so one bar of chocolate can be nearly double your daily allowance. And we have all seen the scary headlines about the health concerns related to sugar, but we all want a treat, and who doesn’t love chocolate?!

Heavenly Chocolate is the world’s first Dairy free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Palm Oil Free, GMO free chocolate bar, that has less than 1 teaspoon of sugar in it.

So can chocolate taste incredible and still be good for you? That is the question Stephen Conway, our founder, asked himself 9 months ago when looking for a low sugar treat for his two young daughters Sophie and Lucy.

The challenge he found was that chocolate was either full of dairy products, sugar or both, and so called healthy versions just didn’t taste that great.

Normal brands of chocolate just caused his kids to become hyperactive and then crash later being irritable and restless or even having problems sleeping. They also caused more visits to the dentist because of the high sugar content.

His wife who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis also cannot eat normal chocolate either without having stiff joints and mood swings the next day.

And as he watched friends struggling with weight issues and their own health issues, these were all catalysts to creating his own range of healthy chocolate.

Heavenly is everything you’ve always wanted from a guilt-free treat –without sacrificing any of the creamy, delectable taste in every bite. It is also made from a majority of organic ingredients and my secret blend of high quality cocoa beans.

Like many kids, Sophie and Lucy are very fussy when it comes to chocolate, so when they started to give my recipes 100 out of 10,  Stephen knew he was onto something good.

And as more and more people tried my samples – and then started asking where they could buy it – he knew this could turn into a business.

So the question is – if we aren’t using dairy or sugar – what are we using?

We have replaced the dairy element of the chocolate with organic rice cream which mimics the creamy nature of milk.

Our sweeteners are a unique combination of several ingredients derived from plant-based natural sources, such as xylitol, and erythritol.

You may not have heard of Xylitol or erythritol before but they have zero calories but they are recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation and have been positioned as the “new best friends” of dentists due to their ability to stop the bacteria that causes tooth decay from happening. Indeed in Scandinavia schools give out xylitol sweets in order to keep kids smiles healthy and white.

We also use a range of prebiotic fibres such as organic inulin from the agave plant which feed probitiotics in your body to create a healthy gut microbiome, which are THE the building blocks of super health and energy.

So let’s go over to our in house taste experts who are giving the our chocolate a rigorous examination

We have launched with twelve different flavours – all so beautifully creamy, you’ll be amazed they don’t contain dairy products or large amounts of sugar.

We also use lots of fresh natural ingredients such as hazelnuts, strawberry pieces, orange pieces, real ginger and coconut along with essential natural flavour flavour oils to create the perfect taste.

Please note that we are a small family business and that all our bars are hand made in small batches. This means that shipping times are currently around 14 – 28 days.